Seaweed is a unique renewable source that contains polysaccharide polymers ideal for making biodegradable plastic materials. Iceland has yet to unlock its potential for macroalgae production which to date stems mainly from wild harvesting. While macroalgae aquaculture is nascent, Iceland´s coastal environment has a rich set of qualities that are optimal to expand cultivation efforts at large-scale.



Our unique process to extract valuable compounds from local organic biomass enables us to contribute to unlock and expand the uses of seaweed. We are driven by innovation and technology to design a truly sustainable business model. We aim at delivering global solutions via a mixed model of local bioprocessing and production that can be replicated and leveraged in other locations.



There is a tangible misalignment between how petroleum-based plastic films are created and their usages and applications. Single-use plastics are used fleetingly but have long-lasting effects on the environment. As the output of our transformation process we obtain a biopolymer that can be moulded into thin flexible films that return to nature and decompose.



A novel edible coating made from algal spent biomass.